Hello and welcome to my modest little pixel site: Catch a Star! There isn't as much here anymore, since I stupidly let my domain expire without saving my files first, but I've salvaged what I could after my lovely friend Joanna offered to host my website. Click the link below to pay her a visit!

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11th September 2017 - Jam Panda

Yesterday I updated my old "Jam Jar Panda" pixel to make it look a bit cuter, and also added another one to the set:

Today I thought I'd try something different so I've been pixeling this house, it still needs a lot of stuff adding to it like a garden and whatnot, but I like how it looks so far:

Maybe eventually it could be part of a new layout? Lol, I keep pixeling random things like this and then having no idea what to do with them.

10th September 2017 - Trick or Treat Cats

I've added two new pixels to the Trick or Treat Cats set, a mummy and a wizard. Here is the full set now:

I think that set is done for now as I can't think of any more ideas, I'd like to pixel more Halloween-themed stuff soon though. I've also added a couple of recolours to the Ice Cream Cats set.

9th September 2017 - Carnival Bunny

I've added yet another pixel set; Carnival Bunny! I'm really proud of these ones, I may add more to the set soon.

6th September 2017 - Fairy Cats

I've added two new pixels; Fairy Cats. They're nothing hugely exciting, I just wanted to try a softer style again instead of using super dark outlines like I've mostly done lately.

I also pixeled this little bunny scene recently, I'm not sure what to do with it, I may add more to it and use it as a layout header or something at some point:

29th August 2017 - 6 New Pixels

I've just heard back from Joanna and she has assured me that we have plenty of space to upload things, so I've added six new pixels that I added to my deviantart but hadn't uploaded here. I'd like to make a new layout at some point in the future as this one is very old and not great, I just never know where to start when it comes to pixeling large stuff for layouts.

11th August 2017 - Deviantart and New Icon

I've been so ill for the past few days, I'm feeling better now but still have an awful cough and random numbness every now and then. To cheer myself up, I decided to make a Deviantart account! I had one before, but I never uploaded anything or got into it, I made that old account just to tell a couple of people to please stop taking credit for my pixels.

I really love it there so far, everyone has been so friendly and it's nice to have a place to share my art where more people will see it, as I don't think people really visit personal sites like this one anymore (and if they do, my awful old layout probably turns them off right away, lol). I've also made a new bear icon for the visitor section, and to use as my icon there:

7th August 2017 - Finished and New Pixels

I think I've finished uploading my images now, let me know if you come across any broken ones. Joanna, if I'm taking up too much space please feel free to kick me and I'll find another image site to upload some stuff to! I know I've amassed a lot of stuff over the years. I've also added two new pixels that I made today; nothing hugely exciting, just bunnies wearing dresses:

I haven't pixeled anything in years so I'm happy with how they turned out, I'd like to try to get out of my comfort zone soon and try to pixel things that aren't flat symmetrical cutesy animals though.

4th August 2017 - Almost Done

I've just got my gift and forum collections pages to re-upload now, I'm just hesitant to upload it all here in case I use up too much space. I'm so annoyed at Photobucket, I've been browsing some of the few pixel websites that are left and now most of them are just broken images, it's so sad. At least I managed to salvage my pixels and whatnot though I guess, it would have been worse if Photobucket had just disappeared altogether.

Whilst flipping through my Photobucket, I found these little blinkies that I made when I played Neopets years ago and thought they were pretty cute so I added them to my Portfolio page:

I may be adding some new pixels in the not too distant future (if I can figure out how everything works now), looking through my Photobucket has made me feel pretty nostalgic.

2nd August 2017 - Sorry

Please excuse the mess of broken images everywhere, Photobucket is a butt. I'm in the process of sorting it all out! I've done the pixel sections, toybox and link buttons so far, I just need to find another site to upload my gifts and portfolio pixels as I'm not sure if I'm already using too much space on Joanna's server with all of the stuff I've already uploaded.

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