11th September 2017 - Jam Panda

Yesterday I updated my old "Jam Jar Panda" pixel to make it look a bit cuter, and also added another one to the set:

10th September 2017 - Trick or Treat Cats

I've added two new pixels to the Trick or Treat Cats set, a mummy and a wizard. Here is the full set now:

I think that set is done for now as I can't think of any more ideas, I'd like to pixel more Halloween-themed stuff soon though. I've also added a couple of recolours to the Ice Cream Cats set.

9th September 2017 - Carnival Bunny

I've added yet another pixel set; Carnival Bunny! I'm really proud of these ones, I may add more to the set soon.

6th September 2017 - Fairy Cats

I've added two new pixels; Fairy Cats. They're nothing hugely exciting, I just wanted to try a softer style again instead of using super dark outlines like I've mostly done lately.

I also pixeled this little bunny scene recently, I'm not sure what to do with it, I may add more to it and use it as a layout header or something at some point:

29th August 2017 - 6 New Pixels

I've just heard back from Joanna and she has assured me that we have plenty of space to upload things, so I've added six new pixels that I added to my deviantart but hadn't uploaded here. I'd like to make a new layout at some point in the future as this one is very old and not great, I just never know where to start when it comes to pixeling large stuff for layouts.

11th August 2017 - Deviantart and New Icon

I've been so ill for the past few days, I'm feeling better now but still have an awful cough and random numbness every now and then. To cheer myself up, I decided to make a Deviantart account! I had one before, but I never uploaded anything or got into it, I made that old account just to tell a couple of people to please stop taking credit for my pixels.

I really love it there so far, everyone has been so friendly and it's nice to have a place to share my art where more people will see it, as I don't think people really visit personal sites like this one anymore (and if they do, my awful old layout probably turns them off right away, lol). I've also made a new bear icon for the visitor section, and to use as my icon there:

7th August 2017 - Finished and New Pixels

I think I've finished uploading my images now, let me know if you come across any broken ones. Joanna, if I'm taking up too much space please feel free to kick me and I'll find another image site to upload some stuff to! I know I've amassed a lot of stuff over the years. I've also added two new pixels that I made today; nothing hugely exciting, just bunnies wearing dresses:

I haven't pixeled anything in years so I'm happy with how they turned out, I'd like to try to get out of my comfort zone soon and try to pixel things that aren't flat symmetrical cutesy animals though.

2nd August 2017 - Sorry

Please excuse the mess of broken images everywhere, Photobucket is a butt. I'm in the process of sorting it all out! I've done the pixel sections, toybox and link buttons so far, I just need to find another site to upload my gifts and portfolio pixels as I'm not sure if I'm already using too much space on Joanna's server with all of the stuff I've already uploaded.

16th March 2014 - Gifts!

I've made a few gifts for some people who have been incredibly supportive over the last year; even though I've not been around, and haven't been feeling very sociable you've still been leaving sweet tags and whatnot and I really appreciate it! You're all amazing people. These can be used as 88x31 buttons, nametags etc...please don't feel obligated to use them if they're not your cup of tea though! I know I'm really rusty when it comes to pixeling, but just wanted to make something to show my appreciation.

New pixels coming soon hopefully too!

7th January 2014 - Sorry!

I'm so sorry for completely disappearing! I completely lost the urge to pixel or be creative at all (depression sucks). I'm hoping I'll get the urge again soon as the site could do with a new layout. :/

24th May 2013 - Hedgehogs

I'm sorry for not being around much lately, and not being very sociable. I've not been in a good place mentally, and my physical health hasn't been great neither. I've been feeling a little better today though, so I pixeled a couple of hedgehogs.

16th April 2013 - Bunny Choco Bars

I felt like pixeling something random today and so I ended up drawing some little bunny chocolate bar adoptables- nothing hugely original or impressive but I had fun making them:

Hope everyone is doing well!

24th March 2013 - Revamped Some Old Pixels

I found some of my old pixels from back when I was hosted at wishable.net, on a site called Peachie's Collection, which is basically a giant toybox. Creativity and inspiration have completely and utterly eluded me lately, so I cheated and revamped said pixels to add to my site instead of coming up with new stuff. Here are the not quite new pixels:

I've always liked the mini nail polish pixels, they just looked a little flat before. And as for the pandas, I don't know why I deleted them, they're pretty cute. Thank you to Peachie and her collection for helping me find some of my old stuff!

21st March 2013 - Hmm (Edited with New Pixels)

After looking at my site in Internet Explorer, I noticed that some of the rollover images overlapped with the layout in weird places which just looked horrible. So I've deleted some things...if it's gone horribly wrong and you now can only see a plain layout with plain text reading "You", "Pixels, "Me" etc, let me know! Not that you'll be able to see the tagboard image...just keep clicking around the top left hand corner of the layout and you'll stumble across it eventually (or failing that click here lol).

I added a cake icon yesterday- it's nothing to write home about but you can check it out if you like, it's in the visitor section. I've also organised the pixels section a little better, and made a cute little sign to hopefully encourage people to credit Catch a Star when they use my pixels.

Edit: I didn't think these were worthy of a new post but I've added some new pixels- cans of pop:

Nothing too exciting or adventurous, they didn't turn out as nicely as I'd hoped they would but they took a stupidly long time to make so I can't bring myself to discard them. More pixels (and hopefully of a better quality) coming soon!

19th March 2013 - Field Mice

I've just added a new set of pixels; field mice! I think these are my favourites so far, I love the colours. There's one perching on a toadstool, one fishing (for bits of corn or whatever it is that field mice eat) and one feeding a snail:

The animations didn't go exactly how I wanted them to; I did want the fishing mouse to pull the rod up every now and then, and I wanted the toadstool mouse to bounce, but it just looked plain weird so I just went with some simple blinking as usual. Maybe I'll have another go at animating them properly at some point but for now, I hope you like them!

18th March 2013 - New Balloon Bunny Icon

Just a quick update- I've organised the site section to make it look a little tidier rather than it all being shoved onto one page. I'll organise the rest of the sections as soon as I have more content up. I've also added some more links to my "Admired Sites" page. Thankfully there are more cute pixel sites still out there than I initially thought! And lastly, I've added a new little pixeled icon/avatar for people to use in blogs and whatnot:

I'm going to be working on some more icons and other visitor content over the next few weeks (I really hate my site being so empty) so come back soon!

14th March 2013 - Pool-playing Bunny (Edited with another)

Sorry for the lack of updates this week; it's been a really horrible, drama-filled week and I just haven't been feeling at all creative lately. I'm going to have to work on sorting some stuff out in my life as things just aren't working at the moment, I'm not happy so I'm gonna have to do something about it. Anyway, I have added one new pixel- a Pool-playing bunny:

I know the animation and whatnot looks a little weird- I'll sort it out eventually. I got the idea whilst playing Space Pool on LBP2 with my boyfriend last night. Thanks again for the sweet tagboard messages and I'm sorry I haven't been very responsive lately.

Edit: Added a gloomy little bunny to the set *pokes above*.

7th March 2013 - Nothing New

Just a quick blog to say that I haven't abandoned my website again! I don't see that happening anytime soon unless my internet cuts out or something. I've been pixeling, I just haven't added anything else new here yet, but I will soon. Thanks for the sweet tagboard messages! I offered these choco kitties at Teahouse MB:

They're all gone now but I'm gonna try to offer something else sometime in the near future. I've also been working on a layout for my Quilting Bee Quilt! A friend suggested I should join and I've always wanted to, I've just never been confident enough with my pixeling. So I thought I'd give it a try. I'm waiting for a response back from them- I hope I get accepted as it looks like a lot of fun.

The layout I've made isn't great as I'm terrible at layouts, but you can check it out here (it isn't finished and as of yet I'm not a member so I can't trade patches). I just have a really hard time drawing large pixels, they always turn out either small or crappy. When I was drawing that bunny I thought it was pretty big...until I zoomed out, lol. I also suck at coding so if the frame is all up over the image, or if it just looks weird, let me know!

Edit: I'm a member now!! *Goes to find a bee button to put on Catch a Star*

3rd March 2013 - Two More Mouse Pixels

After spending the last day hunting for pixel websites, I've come to the sad realisation that there really aren't many around at all anymore. I first got into pixeling in 2005 and there were hundreds of pixel sites like this one around back then; I'd spend hours lost in peoples' little pixel worlds, and each one would take me to dozens more via their affiliates section. It was a lot of fun; pixel MBs like Sugar Melody BBS and Teahouse MB would be bursting with people, there'd always be someone offering cute signatures and avatars that you'd have to rush to grab before all of the spots filled up. And there was always a bit of pixel drama to read if you were bored/eating (hehe). I really hope someday the pixeling community becomes as active as it once was.

Anyway, on to the pixels. I've made a couple more mice; I can't believe in all of my years of pixeling I've never pixeled a mouse! Or at least not one that I can remember. So the little mouse set now looks like this:

I will probably add more to this set at some point, I'd like to try something else first though.

2nd March 2013 - Two New Animal Pixels (Edited)

I've really gotten back into pixeling over the past few days; I've added two new pixels!

The first is supposed to be a baby penguin; he looks kinda weird with his head a different colour to the rest of his body, but I assure you that's what they look like!...kinda. My second effort is a mouse in a teacup. I was going to pixel a bunny in a teacup but then I realised that I have lots of bunny pixels already, so a mouse it is. That squiggly line coming out of the teacup is supposed to be his tail; I might edit that later as it does look a little strange. More coming soon! I'd forgotten just how addictive pixeling is.

Edit: I've updated the mouse a little as I thought he looked a little plain; I've made the outline darker and went for the cliche trick of making something look cuter by shoving a dollop of whipped cream on its' head:

1st March 2013 - Catch a Star is Back!

Thanks to the lovely Joanna, my little pixel site is back online! I've really missed having all of my pixels in one place, and having somewhere to display any new pixels I make, so I can't thank her enough. There isn't very much here at the moment but I'll add some more soon; my pixeling has gotten a little rusty over my years of inactivity so I'm going to have to work on it.

Also my coding is and has always been terrible, so I apologise if the website looks messy- I'll keep working on it. And I'll get some sort of tagboard or commenting system up soon!

Edit: Tagboard is up- click here. I'll find a way to incorporate it into the layout soon.